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Manji Black KokumManji Black Kokum

Black Kokum

Discover the rich and tangy flavor of Chakra Black Kokum, a culinary delight used as a tamarind substitute in various dishes. Known as Kodumpuli, it adds a unique zesty taste to curries and other culinary creations.

Black kokum.

100% plant based

Organic product

No cholesterol

No added preservatives

Contains protein

Contains dietary fiber

Gluten free



Nutritional value

Why Manji Black Kokum?

  1. Tamarind Substitute: An excellent replacement for tamarind, Black Kokum enhances the taste of curries, sauces, and other dishes with its distinct sourness.
  2. Appetite Suppressant: Besides its culinary uses, studies suggest that Kokum may act as an effective suppressant of appetite, making it a versatile ingredient.
  3. Culinary and Medicinal Uses: Widely used in Indian cuisine, Black Kokum also boasts medicinal properties, making it a unique and valuable addition to your product offerings.
  4. Rich in Flavor and Aroma: Manji Black Kokum is carefully processed to retain its natural flavors and aromas, ensuring a premium culinary experience.
  5. Quality Assurance: Our Black Kokum undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure consistency and purity.



  • Food Industry: Elevate your culinary creations by incorporating Black Kokum into sauces, curries, chutneys, and more.
  • Health and Wellness Products: Explore its potential in health supplements and appetite-suppressant formulations.

Nutrition value per 100 grams:
Energy: 1369.1 kJ
Calories: 327 kcal
Fat: 3.4 g
of which saturated: 0.1 g
Carbohydrates: 72 g
of which sugars: 3 g
Dietary fiber: 8.8 g
Protein: 2.2 g
Salt: 0.7 g
Sodium: 280 mg

EAN 8904093609718 – 100 g
EAN 8904093612121 – 200 g

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